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Parade Application

  1. 2018 Christmas Parade

    Parade of Lights; December 11 at 6 PM

    Allowed: Floats, marching units and vehicles

    Entries must have holiday lights; All operators of motorized vehicles must be 16 years or older; Entrants must identify name of organization on front of vehicle pulling the float or use walkers carrying a banner; Entrants are required to move continuously along the parade route and not stop for performance purposes; No live Santa with your entry; No loud or continuous horns or sirens; For safety, no candy may be thrown into the crowd from vehicle or float; however, you may walk beside your entry and hand out candy; Animals at end of parade; No political messaging; No dirt bikes, crotch rockets, go-carts and bicycles

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  4. **Stage on Jordan Street between Johnson and Houston with vehicles facing east. Overflow staging is on Gordon St between Jordan and Church Street (do not block intersections on Gordon). Entrants may begin staging at 4 PM and must arrive by 5:30 PM, due to street closures.

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